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Hey! I'm Chloe

and I’m super happy you’re here. I’m a graphic designer currently based in Bristol, UK. I work with brands all over the world to help them make money.

Working with small businesses

I first discovered my love for design while I was at Reading University studying English Language. I realised I was far more interested in designing my presentations and essays than actually writing them! Fast forward a few years and I was finally pursuing a BA in Graphic Design at Bristol UWE – which I absolutely loved.


Since then I’ve had experience as an in house designer for a small start up, freelanced for a range of small design agencies and worked closely with some amazing businesses on their branding and websites. Working with small businesses has given me excellent knowledge of exactly what goes into running smaller brands and what their design needs are.

helping brands communicate

I do what I do because I LOVE helping people make their brands look amazing so they can communicate effectively. The power that great design gives a business is incredible – how many times have you used a business or bought a product because you were enticed by the branding? Or felt confident in the brand’s product because the branding looked professional? Humans are visual creatures, and we make snap decisions based on how things look all the time.

let's create the business of your dreams

If you’re unsure of how you want your business to look or maybe you know exactly how you want it to look but don’t have the skills to execute it properly – I can help! Working together, we can create the visual identity of your dreams – a brand universe which aligns perfectly with your business’s message.

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I want to help you make the money you deserve


Investing in your brand’s visual identity is absolutely essential to get the attention and trust of customers and clients.


My ultimate aim is to deliver designs that you are proud to represent your business with, ensuring that clients and customers will flock to you – so you can reach your business goals.

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