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Graphic Design Pricing Guide

So how much will it Cost?

My graphic design pricing guide

I’m sure the question on your mind right now is “I’m keen, but what's the investment?"

Well your project is unique, so I quote it that way too.


To help you, I’ve put together a rough guide of the investment you’ll be looking at (just be aware that my prices are subject to change).

Design intensives

On a tight budget? Bootstrapping your business? Want quality design on a lower budget? My design intensives will be perfect for you.


✔️ You’re in the beginning stages of your business and are bootstrapping it

✔️  You aren’t able to invest in a full service package right now but you’d love beautiful, high quality designs that you can keep expanding as your business grows.

✔️  You’re happy giving feedback very fast, and don’t need a few days to think about your decisions.

✔️  You know exactly the style you’d like for your brand, and are happy to provide visual inspiration.

✔️  You know who your target customers are and are able to clearly communicate your brand values and goals.

✔️  You like my design style and trust that I’ll create graphics that will align with your target customers.


Intensives are £995 per day.

For branding you’ll need one day, websites are 4 days and packaging is one day for 1-3 products.


Get in touch and we can organise a call to chat about whether a design intensive is right for you. I’ll then send over some more information and a link to book in.

Full service Packages

Established business or have funding? Need help with brand strategy? Have a longer timeline and need lots of custom elements? A a full service package is just what you need.


✔️ You already have an established business and are looking to take it to the next level, or you have funding and are able to hit the ground running

✔️ You have a longer timeline and like to spend time making decisions

✔️ You’d like help with your brand strategy, defining your why and target audience

✔️ You need lots of custom elements, or a website with lots of pages and functionality

✔️ You need a fully built out brand that includes lots of extra collateral


If you need branding then you’ll need to start with brand strategy, which is an investment of £1495. You can find out more about what I can offer with brand strategy here.

After the brand strategy, I’ll be able to custom quote your project based on your budget. If you choose not to work with me at this point, you’ll still have the perfect starting point and a clear brief with moodboard to take to a designer.

As a guide, branding projects start at £3500 if you need a logo, colour palette and font pairings. For extra collateral such as social media templates, newsletter templates, patterns, illustrations etc this can go up to £10,000 for the full branding package.

If you’re an e-commerce client, I only build stores on Shopify as you can’t beat it for online store functionality. I do sometimes use WordPress or Squarespace, it depends on your needs, and I can help you decide what would be best. The investment for a website varies a lot depending on the number of pages and functionality, but you’re probably looking at around £5000 – £12,000.

Packaging design prices can vary a lot too, depending on whether you need an outer box, unboxing experience, print finishes and the number of products. As a rough guide, you’re probably looking at a starting price of £2000 for one product, but that doesn’t mean your next product would be another £2000, as we would already have a design system in place, so I would custom quote this depending on your needs.

how to book

Get in touch and we can organise a call to chat about whether we’re a good fit. I’ll then send over a custom quote and a link to book.

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If I think we’re a good fit I’ll arrange a call, so I can learn more about your project and send over a proposal with a fixed quote.