Bold branding for a marketplace of creative women of colour

Client: Make-Do

Using an unusual typeface, retro-style icons and strong colours, I created a visual identity in collaboration with The Idea Girl Agency. The design appealed to both the brand’s consumers and their vendors, and the visuals were used on psychical stickers and postcards, as well as on social media.

Project completed while working with The Idea Girl Agency.


Make Do Market wanted a brand identity that would appeal to ambitious, creative women of colour across the USA. They had 2 target markets, their consumers, and their vendors.

Primary logo
Brand mark

I designed a logo that features an unusual typeface which is strong, handcrafted and playful – mirroring the essence of Make Do Market. Every letter is styled differently, reflecting the unique entrepreneurs that Make Do Market supports.

I created a variety of retro feeling icons that can be applied to any of Make Do’s materials including social media posts, postcards etc or even printed as real stickers. They bring an extra playfulness and give a retro market vibe.

Social media templates

beauty design

that boosts sales and always

looks beautiful