A sleek Shopify site for a millennial haircare brand

Client: RAZZO

Branding that was both professional enough to sit in a salon but also fun enough for social media feeds. Using editorial and high fashion typefaces, I created a chic Shopify website, as well as Instagram stories and email marketing templates for this luxe millennial brand.

They already had a logo and product packaging, but they needed a solid brand identity to inject personality into an online store and marketing material.


To start, I created a moodboard that summed up the key words I pulled from our conversations: classy, sleek, millennial, editorial, luxurious and glamorous. This moodboard then formed the basis of the website design and branding assets such as colours and fonts.

RAZZO were clear that they wanted something that was super editorial and fashion inspired to reflect the quality of their products and their ideal target market. I chose typefaces that evoked these feelings, with italics to create some movement and colours that were both professional enough to sit in a salon and fun enough for Instagram feeds.


Social media is RAZZO’s main form of marketing, so I created templates for Instagram stories and email marketing in Canva so they could edit them.


I built the RAZZO store on Shopify, creating a unique design that perfectly matched their branding. The store sells their core range of 3 products, so I chose to make large features of them to showcase their selling points – utilising their brand videos and therefore clearly introducing the products to customers. We knew that the majority of customers would be shopping on their phones, so I made sure that the site worked seamlessly on any device.

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